Shilin Night Market, Taiwan


Disclaimer: lots of food pictures ahead. You have been warned.

When it comes to Taiwan, perhaps the first and foremost thing that comes to mind are the night markets.

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve Taiwan's night markets.

In Malaysia, the night markets usually come around once a week in most places. The stalls move around night markets, and it is likely that in the night markets close to your homes, you will see the same vendors.

"Oh. Hi."

 In Taiwan, the night markets are opened every night, with different vendors at every location. Come 6PM, daily the stalls are there, almost until midnight for all the night markets.

The most hyped of all the night markets in Taipei is most likely Shilin Night Market. Guess how many times I went to Shilin Night Market.





FOUR. (no, not like in Divergent, I wish)

I went to Shilin Night Market FOUR times. Twice with my ViVi ladies, and twice with my best friend. In fact, I honestly do think you need to go to Shilin Night Market a few times, if only because your stomach is not bottomless (unless it is) and you need a few nights to digest the food there.

To get to Shilin Night Market, one merely needs to get on the MRT towards Jiantan station on the Tamsui line (red line).

Upon alighting at Jiantan station, there are numerous signboards depicting where the exit to Shilin Night Market is.

Honestly, though, all you need to do is to follow the crowds, and you'll find yourself in Shilin Night Market in under two minutes. Three minutes, tops, unless you are a slow walker.

This is one of the stalls in Shilin Night Market - it is one of the first stalls you might see once you reach the night market. This one sells a certain Taiwanese delicacy known as '大肠包小肠', literally translated as 'Big intestines wrapping small intestines'. Sounds appetizing, no?

Don't worry, it's not exactly intestines. It's more of glutinous rice wrapped around Taiwanese sausages. Pretty yummy, though not exactly my thing. My thing is fried potato, preferably with cheese.

And so, I got fried potato. A fancy one, too.

This is the line to my fancy fried potato. The name can be literally translated as "Tornado potato tower".

Hey, I don't come up with the names.

This is the man dipping my potato in batter, I think.  As you can see, some stalls are a bit more particular about cleanliness, so you'll see face masks here. There are also bins for you to throw your street snack food away.

Tadah! My fancy potato. This is half sea salt, and half curry topping.


GO WITH SEA SALT ALL THE WAY. The curry topping was okay, but tasted meh after my salty goodness on top.

We also had oyster mee sua in the market. This stall is located somewhere near the temple. There aren't any proper directions I can give you to go to any stall in particular, sorry! You just have to wander around and get lost a bit in Shilin to discover the good stuff.

Just remember where the MRT is located, though.

This is oyster mee sua, which is basically vermicelli noodles with oyster and coriander. You also get to dictate how much chili sauce you want to put into it.

Just one serving on its own can serve as dinner, to be honest.  You see now the need to return to this place several times.

Must try rating - 9/10

Some sweet snack at the night market. I think these are strawberries drizzled with... something sweet. I don't know, didn't try it. I do know that they have chocolate-covered strawberries, too!

Scallops stall! Didn't try this though, was too full at the end of the night.

The other thing I liked about Shilin is the amount of dogs everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE. As a dog lover, Taipei drives me insane with the amount of cute dogs it has in it. The Taiwanese treat their dogs like actual tiny humans, and sell lots of accessories and clothes for the little tykes.

Exhibit A:

Stall selling accessories for dogs.

Exhibit B:

Yes, people. They put their tiny dogs in tiny prams and wheel them around. I can't.

Aeryn bought a cotton candy duck at 80TWD. It deflated after the  first bite and we christened it the 'Pedo-duck', because it looked weird as heck.

At least we got some laughs out of it.

Here is a loot picture of some of my purchases from both Wufenpu and Shilin. The DRINK SPRITE clothes set and the Parental Advisory top are both from Wufenpu. The rest are from Shilin.

1. The first half...

Purchases from Shilin:

1. 2 pairs of Disney princess socks from Shilin at about RM6 a pair - that's less than USD2!

2. A Kumamon pouch at 100TWD - so about RM11.

3. Mickey mouse denim shirt for 390TWD/ RM40ish.

4. My best purchase of the night, however, are my phone cases from Taiwan. Both My Melody phone case (plus plug charm!) and the Disney Minnie case sold together for... 500 TWD. So it's about RM26 - RM27 per phone case.

Considering how much phone cases can go for here, from RM30 to Rm60, I think I made a pretty good deal.

The other thing I like about night markets in Taiwan is how even the shops open as part of the night market. Most of the night markets in Malaysia are sort of stalls-only affairs, as far as I know.

This shop name caught my eye. xD


It was also with Asian pride that I brought my Australian best friend K to the night market, and proceeded to torture, um, introduce him to the delights of Taiwanese street food fare.

Poor K absolutely could not stand the smell of smelly tofu, which unfortunately for him was almost everywhere. He would warn me to warn him whenever I saw a smelly tofu stall so he could hold his breath before he passed it, but unfortunately he would usually smell it before I saw it.

His reaction was akin to someone planting him in a landfill filled with rotting food and NO WAY OUT.


We started off with some mild stuff the first night in Shilin. There was the 'Tornado Potato Tower', obviously, though this is kind of cheating considering you can get that in Australia too.

K also approves of Ah Chong Oyster Mee Sua, available inside Shilin. The coriander was not a favourite, though.

The second time we came around to Shilin Night Market, we got down to 'srz bzn'. It was time to consume other Asian street food.

Cow tongue, anyone?

Nah, kidding. It's the name of the snack, but it's really a harmless malt paste in some fried doughy thing. It's quite good, too! (Especially for people like me, who likes grilled/ fried most things).

(This is why I'm fat)

(Oh well love of food is important too)

Other snack food Taiwan is famous for is this. Chicken cutlet, marinated and deep-fried and about twice the size of your face.

So. Good.

It's definitely oily. Definitely fattening. This is not treating your body like a temple. This is treating your body like a waste disposal basket.

My body approves of this, though.

Ugh I want to eat this now. ;_;

K deeply approves of this snack dish, as his face might suggest.

K does not approve of the next dish, though.

He did it. The man ate smelly tofu.

Well, technically he took two bites before looking like he was about to die, but he ate that thing and swallowed parts of it.

*stands up and slow-claps*

We all got a video out of it that cracks me up every time I see it. Ah, fun times.

Great. Even I'm hungry after writing up this post.

In short? I love Shilin Night Market. Thank you very much.


Even though I love Shilin Night Market, there are aspects to it I REALLY don't understand. Like this.

Care to guess what they are?

No, they are not freaking selling dildos in the middle of the night market, for crying out loud. Then again, the actual thing this is is not any better.

This is cream bread. Like, you eat it. You eat a penis-shaped bread thing, that has cream in it. You can make cream bread in ANY shape you want, and you make it phallic-shaped.


Well, I'll fly away now.


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