Barbie Cafe, Taiwan


Disclaimer: This post is supremely pink with lashes of pinkness.

Nothing brings joy to your travels more than a travel companion who is up to trying the stuff you want to do, however reluctantly. When I suggested to my bestie that we go visit the world's only Barbie Cafe in Taiwan, there was no hesitancy in agreeing to go despite the fact that he is most likely not the Barbie Cafe's target market.

Contrary to how I look, I am not the biggest fan of Barbie either. My heroines growing up were Sailor Moon and her gang, and the Disney Princesses.

I am however a fan of all things pink and sweet, so off the the Barbie Cafe I would go on my last official touristy day in Taiwan.

It is hard to miss the Barbie Cafe in Taipei. You can spot it across the road immediately - it's all decked in neon pink, the most colourful shop of the block.

It'll be REALLY hard not to spot this huge chunk of pink.

The bestie became dubious upon seeing the storefront which screamed its existence in bright, neon pink, but gamely agreed to go inside... slightly reluctantly.

Here he is trying his best not to kill me as I insistently kept taking pictures of him right next to the sign that says Barbie CAFE.

All that pink out front should prepare you for how the interior looks like.

Pink ceiling, pink columns, pink bar, pink chairs, pink tables, and pink floors, check. Are you feeling pretty in pink yet?

The high chairs at this high-top table even have pink tutu 'skirts' behind them. They are so cute! I want some for my future pink room!

Yes, I will have a pink room. Is there a problem?

The interior of this place is lovely. Well, for a pink fanatic like me, it is lovely (although certain people may run from it screaming in terror). I adore the placement of the pictures on the wall, it's a bit like walking into Barbie's walk-in wardrobe where she hangs up all her portraits of her stunning achievements and travels.

Thank you for the interior design tips, Barbie.

This is where I plopped myself down to sit, on a huge pink sofa, while K gets the pink chair.

Here he is pretending he is not here.

By the way, I must say that while the interior design is probably every Barbie's/ pink's fan dream come true, the service was, in a nutshell, terrible.

I wandered in and sat myself down at this table. Not one of the staff blinked an eye or asked me how many were to be seated. Fine enough. Yet I sat down, and for the next ten to fifteen minutes or so, no one came by to take our orders.

All those pictures above this sentence? Those were taken while we were being neglected by the staff. I could have just sat there, taken all the pictures, and then walked out. I tried to get a few waiters/ waitresses' attention, but they all either deliberately not looked my way, or just seemed overly busy as they carried out food (there was a party in a private section outside).

I seriously debated walking out, when K managed to wave someone over to give us menus and take our orders.


Service aside, I did have a lot of fun taking photos with this kind of background.

Oh hello. That's me on the big pink sofa. :D

Even the tissue papers have the Barbie Cafe's logo on them.

Also, if you were wondering, yes the toilets are pink too. However I did not take any pictures in there, so you will have to go see for yourself.

After a while, our desserts and drinks finally came along. I'd say the service is terrible when they are ignoring you, but I guess at least they did not muck up our orders.

Food is quite pricey, which I guess is par for the course in a themed restaurant. I was also terrified of the food tasting bad (ala how they say Hello Kitty Cafe's food taste like), but I actually quite liked our desserts and drinks. Nothing to shout about, but not terrible either. Plus they look cute.

My chocolate cake with a Barbie ornament on top, and...

The bestie and his cute pink strawberry cake, that even says 'Barbie' on top. Naw.

I recall that this was very filling, so it's better to abstain from rich meals before this. They didn't skimp on the chocolate - a good thing.

Meanwhile, this is my mango smoothie, which was quite tasty. I'm glad I didn't order a chocolate drink, or I will have puked from the heaviness of it all.

I rate this place -

Ambiance : 10/ 10, you definitely get what you expect to see here,

Food: 6.5/10, pricey, but above average fare delicious, and

Service: 3.5/ 10, being ignored is not a pleasant feeling but we got some form of service, I guess.

When it came to paying I didn't even chance it on trying to get a passing staff's attention. I took our slip and walked to the counter to pay it.

Next to the counter was this cute cake, of which I had to take a picture of.

Tadah! I think this Barbie cake was quite pricey. It says 1680 TWD at the bottom, which is as of now RM180.

*insert shocked face here*

Barbie why are you so expensive?!?!

There was a bit of an awkward moment when we left the cafe. I paid in advance, walked back in, sat around for a bit, and then got up and left. I was walking towards the entrance when I heard two waitresses (not the cashier that took my money) talking behind me about whether I paid at the table or not.

Oh, so NOW you pay attention to me.

This place is definitely not for those who hate Barbie (duh) or pink (double duh), or those who insist on perfect attentive service complete with smiling faces ,or those who want value-for-money.

As a themed cafe aficionado, however (plus lover of all things pink), I decree this Barbie Cafe a must-try at least once. Just prepare a fully-charged camera and be prepared for bad service if you're planning on paying this place a visit.

This is also my last post on my 2014 Taiwan trip. Took me about a month and a half to wrap it all up. Not too shabby... and now my blog will probably suffer a dearth of wanderlust-related posts since I'm still saving up for my next trip, wherever that is.

Where shall I go next? (IRL right now, bed. Yay for Saturday naps!)

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