LINE FRIENDS Exhibition, NTSEC, Taiwan


They called it the LINE FRIENDS Interactive Amusement Park, but in my mind, an amusement park consists of rides like roller coasters and carriage rides, so an exhibition it is for me.

Have you ever heard of LINE? Simply put, it is East Asia's version of Facebook + WhatsApp rolled into one. While I use it more for chatting purposes, I do see some of my friends posting up details of their lives in statuses or via pictures on their LINE profile as well.

LINE is not just popular in Japan - it's popular in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and etc as well. In fact, it's so popular in Taiwan that from a brief period from January 15th 2014 to April 27th 2014, there was a LINE exhibition held at the National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC) featuring LINE FRIENDS.

I love LINE so much, that I had this as my phone wallpaper the whole time I was in Taiwan. This is from the app LINE DECO, you are welcomed.

Anyway, when I found out that this exhibition was still on during the time I was in Taiwan, I knew I had to go.

So after my half-day zoo trip, I took the long trip to the Shilin station, then waited anxiously around 3.45PM for the bus.

I must love to live dangerously. The exhibition closes at 5PM, and when it was nearly 4PM, I was despairing and being melodramatic about how the buses I was waiting for would be late and I wouldn't have time to visit the exhibition.



I didn't take a picture of it, because I was too busy getting on and praying it reaches NSTEC fast enough for me to take pictures with everything... and I do mean, EVERYTHING.

We could get our tickets on the LINE bus, which was green and cute and had all kinds of LINE characters all over it. Here's a picture of me, K, and our tickets on the bus, as it went on its way towards the NSTEC.

Our tickets have Brown on it... my favourite LINE character, next to Cony. Those two are just so cute!

This is also one of my favourite wallpapers to use from LINE DECO.

Then we arrived at the exhibition! Rushed inside and started taking pictures non-stop for a full hour. They had to chase us out at the end when it was 5PM.

Here's my boyfriend, Brown. Sorry Cony, but all's fair in love and war, you know. You understand, right?

Right. May the best woman win!  Love you Cony muah.

Or we could just make tons of Browns and have one each. I'm not greedy.

"Oh, what's that? A date? Okay!"

"Where shall we go on our date today, Brown?"

"Look, a speed camera! Smile for the camera, Brown! What do you mean that's not how it works?"

"What did you say about women not being better drivers?"

"Ah watch out for that pothole!"

"Yes. Yes! Wait, where's the ring? I'm sorry, I'm not getting married without a ring. Where's your symbol of commitment?!"

LINE characters dressed up all punk-ishly.

"Hey where you going, Brown? Vacation?"

"Sounds nice. Let's all go on vacation! (even though I'm already on one!)"

"I am in LINE town now."

Chilling with my LINE friends.

Oops, getting a bit crowded here.

Tadah! Proof I was at the LINE Exhibition in Taipei.

The above pictures just basically showed what we did at the LINE FRIENDS exhibition all the time we were there. Make silly poses and take pictures with figurines, artwork, and cutouts of the LINE characters.

I loved the exhibition and just being among life-size figurines of the stickers I had come to know and love via my LINE messaging chat app. Entrance fee was quite pricey at 250TWD (RM26 what), though, more than four times my zoo fee WHAT.

The price didn't annoy me, but one other part did. There was no clear line for some of the figurines and artwork, so basically people would just run up to the figurine/artwork and take a picture with it even if you were there first. It was all  'first run in after the last person wraps up the photography, first served'.

This got annoying fast, especially since we only had an hour before the exhibition closed. There were a lot of things to take pictures with, which I suppose the entrance fee had to make up for (sculptors fee, mover's fee, exhibition fee etc).

We barely made the cut-off time - in fact we lingered on almost 5 minutes more just to wrap things up, while the staff kept saying "The exhibition is closed now, please leave the exhibition"... which we sort of ignored while we took the last few pictures.

Sorry. >_<

Ignoring the price and the small amount of people taking advantage of our hesitancy/ niceness, though, it was a must-visit for the LINE fan in me. I did get a fair amount of great pictures out of it with The Line Sticker Love of My Life.

Not something I'd go back and do again (not that I can, anyway, the exhibition has been taken down), BUT I did love being in LINE's world for a little while.

Now, if they had an actual, proper LINE theme park, though....

I'll totally go.

LINE love for life.

The end.

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