7 Resolutions for 2017


It's been 7 days since 2017 started.

To be honest, I've gotten over the whole concept of "new year, new me" a long time ago. In fact, attitude-wise, I'm more of a "different year, same crap" kind of person, which is also why I don't feel an urge to go out and celebrate New Year's Eve.

I do, however, like the concept of resolutions for myself. Reflecting and making new resolves are two things I do all the time, but the urge to do so get stronger around December and January. 

New Year's resolutions are a calendar-easy way to keep track of your resolutions... as long as you ARE keeping track. Here's my first blog post of 2017 to keep track of those resolutions, and may I not wince when I read this again on 31st December 2017.

7. Buy More Experiences, Spend Less on (Material) Things

In my early 20s, I adored shopping on blogshops. I was ALSO cheated of money on blogshops, but when I found the trustworthy ones, I was a loyal customer, and easily spent RM150 a month on average in these shops - shoes, clothes, accessories, bags, the whole shebang.

Then one day, I stopped.

I unfollowed all the blogshops on Instagram, got rid of them from my tabs, and occasionally visited their websites without buying.

What happened? 

Well, I had to pay more bills, for one thing. It turns out that in the grand scheme of things, data plans, Internet, running water, and the like are more important to me than accumulating my favourite non-essential fashion items.

Also, the Malaysian currency grew weaker every year #thanksNajib, and my desire to be able to travel to countries where the currency was much stronger than the Malaysian one outgrew my retail therapy needs.

I found myself throwing out a huge amount of stuff I accumulated during my annual spring-cleaning... and consciously or subconsciously, I decided that spending on experiences was much more worth it than accumulating things I either used only once or twice, OR had to spend my time moving about to make room for more things.

When I talk about experiences, I mean experiences where you may not necessarily get a material thing out of it, but you feel satisfied or enlightened afterwards anyway.

Trips to aquariums. Pampering yourself at hair/ nail salons. Sitting in a park and breathing in fresh air. Visiting dog/ cat cafes. Cooking/ language/ calligraphy lessons (well, okay, arguably you'll have something material to bring back from cooking/ calligraphy lessons). Having photoshoots with friends.

These are the experiences I want more of, which I will look back fondly on and remember, instead of things that I've purchased and then forget about soon after.

6. Blog More Posts 

I've been blogging sporadically on Dayre last year, but this year, I hope to write more on this platform, where it's easier to upload and keep images, as well as to type out longer stories, and to ruminate over most topics.

5. Travel (to) More Places

My preferred username on the Internet is a pretty good indicator of why I hope this is so. Last year, due to a year of not working full-time in 2015, I only went to Singapore for a weekend as part of my travel plans. I hope to travel and see more different sights in 2017, and from now onwards. Wait for me, my travels!

4. Read More Books

In 2016, I read a surprisingly low amount of books, and gave up on more books halfway than I dare to count. T_T

That did not stop me from buying more books, though... and now my TBR pile is overwhelming to me (at 30+ or so).

It's not that I stopped liking to read - I still do. Yet I always seem to find something else to do, than to sit down and quietly read, even though I know I love the art of reading (I read Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones in one sitting last year, for example ^).

I must fix this strange habit of "buying books but not reading them" that appeared in 2016.

This year, I will read 50 books, at least!

3. Write More Fiction

For someone who wants to be a published novelist, I also did too little writing for my personal projects, having given all my writing juices to my full-time job instead.

This year, I WILL squeeze out more writing juices for my personal projects, and come up with passages that will thrill readers, just as the above made me happy.

Someday, I will sign my own copies of my published novels for my readers too, as Sarah Maas has signed hers for me last year. Hopefully in a few years' time?

For now, I will just stick to the small goal of actually writing 500 words a day for my stories. This, I hope, is an achievable goal.

2. Stay Healthy and Safe All Year Long

In 2017, just as I have every other year before this, I hope I remember that my good health is paramount to everything else I want to have.

Therefore, I hope I remember to exercise, to eat good healthy food, to make sure that it's not just my physical health that is important but also my mental health, and that I remember to take time for myself every day and just... rest and relax in peace.

I also wish for good health for everyone I know, so that they may healthily chase the dreams they have.

1. Decide to Rise

I was looking for a new phone wallpaper on Line Deco, when this caught my eye. I downloaded the image, and it is now my phone's wallpaper.

These three little words spoke to me, and I decided that it would be my motto for 2017.

2016 has been a whirlwind year for quite a few things, including my career, certain friendships, and my bank account.

I have been despondent over certain issues that happened in 2016, but I tried to pick myself up after I was done feeling sorry for myself.

Somehow, I must have succeeded, because I'm quite satisfied with where I am now - though I will not remain so if I remain stagnant like this throughout the year. There are many things to be improved on still.

Therefore, this year, I hope that I am up to the task of fulfilling all the resolutions I wrote out today, including this one. I hope I greet 2018 knowing that I rose up to the challenges and goals I set for myself throughout 2017.

May you, reader, also rise up to the challenges that 2017 will have, that negative people don't get a rise out of you, and that you will rise up in the world.

Happy New Year.

Bring it.


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